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На данной страничке я постараюсь отобразить ту информацию,

которая мне полезна при настройках и в работе с Win-Test.

Если она кого еще заинтересует, то я буду только рад!


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Bug Report

Win-Test промежуточные версии программы (требуется регистрация) и их релиз


Крайнее обновление прошло 05-Jul-2017 19:03 Revision: 725

Скачать с официального сайта версию 4.27.0-dev wt_dev.zip (требуется регистрация

C 16 июня 2018 стала доступна полная версия 4.28.0 (требуется регистрация

Скачать с официального сайта full, 14 MB 

Скачать с официального сайта update, 6.6 MB

Новое в версии 4.28.0

- Bugfix : When no MP3 CODEC were detected, start recording was displaying the MP3 settings dialog in an endless loop. Tnx N6TV.

- Single-click actions option added to all windows where it makes sense. Tnx K5WQG, N6TV.

- The callsign "6OX" is accepted despite its exotic syntax.

- CQWW RTTY : DC mult added according to the 2018 rules. Tnx W0YK.

- Internal CW keyer (LPT and serial outputs) : Keying compensation added (0 to 20 ms) in the Interfaces setup dlg. Tnx N6TV.

- Bugfix : ARI Contest : Serial numbers for DX stations have separate numbering per band. Tnx ES5TV.

- Bugfix : Validation controls of the split freq edit field strengthened.

- Icom IC-7610 added. Tnx N6TV.

- REF contest : Off-time periods dialog removed. Tnx F5LEN.

- CW / RTTY : Work dupes by default. Tnx F6IRA.


Новое в версии 4.29.0-dev revision 739 (22-Apr-2019 14:33)

- YU DX Contest rules updated. Tnx F5IN.

- Bugfix : When a exception callsign and a prefix were identical in the CTY file, and under some specific circumstances, the DXCC lookup function could fail. Tnx F5LIW.

- Spot Warnings : When you're spotted, the spot comment, if any, is now displayed.

- RSGB HF contests : District Code for Norwich has been changed from "NR" to "NK". Tnx F1ICS. 

- Bugfix : FOC Marathon : Stats are now displayed on 3 days. Tnx F5NZY.

- Bugfix : RSGB AFS : Dupe count on 40m was wrong. Tnx G0HSA.

- Bugfix : REF 160m : The total and final score lines weren't displayed in the summary window.

- ADIF export : Output fields reordered and STATION_CALLSIGN field added. Tnx YT9TP.

- Bugfix : RTTY : Messages with embedded scripts were hanging Win-Test. Tnx N6TV.

- IARU HF : Cabrillo v3 output file implemented. Fixes also task #384. Tnx OH6XX, N6TV and others.




Порядок обновления Win-Test

Win-Test development nightly builds directory

 You must have an official WT release (even trial) installed to use these versions. 

Please follow these instructions :

 1/ These nightly builds are *ONLY* usable in English (*).

 2/ Download the zip file

 3/ Unzip its content (wt_dev.exe and release.txt) in your current WT directory

 4/ DO NOT RENAME this wt_dev.exe

 5/ To use (test) this version, start it from the WT directory or create a shortcut.

 6/ In all cases, DO NOT DELETE your current "official" WT version.


 Disclaimer : These are dvpt versions, thus they may still include bugs etc...


 (*) If you currently use another language for WT, change it to English with your current version before using the dev version.